Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dangling Earing!

Code: ED #001
RM 12 - SOLD to Amisah

Dangling, dangling dong earing for this coming holiday! Ear hook is from 925 silver. All crystal is originally SWAROVSKI crystallized. Get this for a great price!Only RM 12! Enjoy! ~mary

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ladybug, ladybug, u r so cute!

Code: Set1 #001
RM 65 (Set)
RM 15 (Earing only)
RM 55 (Necklace / Bracelet) - SOLD

Presenting the new ladybug beads imported from U.S. The necklace can be detach and separated the two strand crystals (white strand, lagybug strand) and make a bracelet. If the bracelet doesn't fit you, don't worry, detachable extension provided! just attach it to the clasp and wrap around your wrist! Really easy! just wear it the way that you like! Single strand or double strand! Buy set to save cost! ~mary

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drop dead gorgeous!

Code: Nddg#001
RM 40

You are so drop dead gorgeous! Flexible length for you to adjust. 2 way style. All crystal is authentic SWAROVSKI!. This is not 925 silver. Gorgeous to wear with dress to dinner or any formal function! Nice! Only RM40 ~mary

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bold & Definite 2

Code: Nbb #001
RM 55 - SOLD

This is an adjustable necklace with 3 avant garde pendant. (1 crystal copper & 2 ruby). Necklace using leather cord. The knot near at the pendant is adjustable, so you can easily adjust the length desire. One of my favourite necklace! Love it! ~mary 

Bold & Definite

Code: Cbb #001
RM 110

Be BOLD & DEFINITE. This is one of my favourite Design. I love this so much! Take hours for me to get this masterpiece! I'm selling it at a very good price RM110. Grab this before it gone.. ~mary

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fresh & Young Choker

Code: Cff #001
RM 55

Dedicated to all youngster! This design just nice for them to attend dinner or any function! Looks pretty with plain dress. Selling at very affordable price! RM 55. Go have fun gurl on ur hols!!! ~mary

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Be Glamourous on Hols!

Code: Bgg #001
RM 50

Be Glamourous with Glamourous Series on hols! Combination colour of Topaz, Crystal AB, LT Colorado & Smoked Topaz. Watchout for matching necklace and earing. More items coming up for this series.~mary

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Starfish Earing for Xmas!

Code : Esfish Xmas #001
RM 15

Dangling your ear with starfish (16mm), all elements are using 925 silver. Match this earing with the Starfish Choker! Only RM15!

Star Shine on your Xmas!

Code: Nsfish Xmas #001
RM 30

Ribbon choker with Swarovski Starfish (20mm) pendant. Give a shine star on your holiday! Great gift for Xmas! Selling at very low price RM 30 only!

Limited edition for coming Holiday!!

Code: Ndp Xmas #001
RM 50 - SOLD

Imported Swarovski  Drop Pendant from US. Selling at very low price! Price include 925 silver necklace. Silver beads form a loop of the pendant. RM 50. New design shall be update regularly.. Watchout ! ~ mary

Holiday Season is Coming (Nov - December)

END 2009 SALE!

Yey, holiday season is coming.. and school holiday too! So END of THE YEAR SALE is coming... double YEY!!! Eventhough we are not celebrating winter season, but holiday is still holiday! For this coming season, i'm preparing a project call END of the YEAR season. It's all about giving and joy. Watch out for this comin' project! ~mary

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My bling-bling bracelet

Elastic Bracelet RM20 Code: Eb#001

Below both are magnetic clasp. RM 20 each. Code: Bm#001 & Bm#002

Pelanggan yang menyukai design ini boleh menempah menggunakan design yang sama samada mahu memanjangkan lilitan bracelet atau menukar clasps. Caj tambahan tidak melebihi RM 0.50-RM 10.00 (mengikut pertambahan kristal dan jenis clasps).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vintage earing

Code: Ev1#001 RM15
Vintaj earing made from 925 silver and 4mm bicone swarovski crystal. Selling at RM15. Cheap!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Necklace

Saya suka buat necklace panjang sebab bila pakai tudung, necklace tu still nampak. Ini adalah salah satu design saya.
Code: ln#001 RM35

Necklace ini dicampur menggunakan crystal swarovski Austria, silver beads dan cloissone butterfly.

Memory Wire Bangle

Gelang-gelang ini menggunakan memory wire dan swarovski crystal dari Austria. Sesuai untuk majlis-majlis dan ke ofis. Happy browsing!
Code: mwp#001 RM40
Gelang lilit memory wire mempunyai 6 lapisan berselang manik dan crystal, warna purple & maroon.

Code: mwb#002 RM40
Gelang memory wire, tak perlu lilit. Ia seperti bangle, senang dipakai. mempunyai 3 lapisan.

Code: mww#003 RM45
Gelang memory wire penuh crystal mempunyai 3 lapisan. Ia seperti bangle senang untuk dipakai. Ia mahal sikit sebab menggunakan colour crystal yang mahal.

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